Trinity Bach Project - Testimonials


What people are saying about Trinity Bach Project

"Great music nurtures the human spirit. Trinity Bach Project is a collective of accomplished artists committed to making great music available to a wide audience. Their performances are anchored in the compositions of J.S. Bach through whose music we can experience both meaningful order and creative openness. The one provides a sense of assurance while the other invites us into the joy of discovery. Attending their concerts is like encountering an oasis that will refresh heart, soul and spirit."

— John Franklin, Executive Director, IMAGO

"TBP is an exciting and ambitious project that effectively and winsomely combines the worlds of excellent musical expression, spatial regeneration and glorification of God through beauty. Participants, whether performing or attending, are caught up in an aural and spatial world in which divine love and beauty are spoken in an unrepeatable experiential way."

— Tiffany Robinson, PhD, author of a 2023 dissertation on the theme of sacred space

"Trinity Bach Project brings sacred music to local people in local churches. The quality is outstanding, but even better, people in our small church listened to Bach's songs of faith with tears in their eyes."

— Catherine Sider Hamilton, Priest-in-Charge, St. Matthew's Anglican Church

"Heaven and earth seem to meet in the music of J.S. Bach. The Trinity Bach Project performances brilliantly reveal Bach's faith in the divine and his innate understanding of the human condition. Thank you for your wonderful music."

— Tom Bell, Director of Music at Trinity College and the Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto